Because it’s Halloween-time

(that’s what Blake says when we ask him what holiday it is or what all of the decorations are for in our neighborhood – Halloween-time)

I have a CRAPLOAD of candy left over and I am trying to figure out how to save it so I have an emergency choclate stash (shut up) and also get rid of it so I don’t eat it…  If I was smart I would buy candy that I don’t like to eat – but obviously I’m not!  The reason we have so much is the first year we lived in our house we ran out of candy during trick-or-treat and ever since we have been terrified of running out again.  Seriously – I was warning Brian that we were getting low and he waited and waited until finally we had one bag left and I ran out to the store to get more (which is the WORST idea ever because they jack up the prices and I spent gobs of money on candy that cost like 1/10 as much the day before).  While I was gone he actually did run out of candy and was looking furiously around the house for things to give out and – I’m not kidding – thought of passing out free restaurant matchbooks!  Yes, he’s a genius!  Because clearly matchbooks are a better choice than the granola bars we have in the house.  I’m just sayin’…  Since that year we over-buy EVERY SINGLE YEAR and end up populating the work candy dishes for months.  But honestly I think it’s all worth it in the end because it was AWFUL to run out!

Before we went begging for candy we had swimming lessons:

Swimming Lessons


Then we decorated our pumpkins – I got this set of Mr. Potato Head-like things (monsters and animals) and Brian and Blake had fun making up different combinations and decorating the pumpkins.  It was probably for the best that we didn’t carve them because, unfortunately, some of them were rotting (gross!).


After naps we spent a good amount of time telling Blake that no, it wasn’t time for trick or treat yet.  But then we got the kiddos dressed and loaded up into the wagon (which, unfortunately, I don’t have very good pictures of):


Yes, Blake’s top is on backwards.  Yes, we fixed it before he went out trick-or-treating.  Both kids had a full-layer (plus more in some cases) of clothing on beneath their costumes because it was COLD!  Like last year Brian went out trick-or-treating with the other dads and kids in our neighborhood while I handed out candy with the other moms.  This year the food and drinks were set up across the street in our neighbor’s garage (where there was a space heater – inside – and a bonfire – outside)  so I got to hang out for a bit while Brian walked the kids in the wagon.  After a short trip around the block he dropped Hannah off with me, took a little break for all the kids to warm up, and then they went back out.  I think the fresh air was awesome because Blake fell asleep in like 5 minutes tonight!  If there was a way to trick-or-treat without candy I just might have him do it more often!

Brian’s across the street at the party while I’m monitoring the kids post-No More Trouble Zones workout (which, I did the full one instead of the “Quick” version and wow… now I remember why I usually choose the quick option).  I think we’ll all sleep well tonight!

Happy Halloween!

(I was totally going to post a ridiculously cute video of Hannah laughing but YouTube is taking FOR.EV.ER to process the video…  And I’m old so I’m getting tired!  Another day – I promise.)


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