Because time flies!

I cannot believe that Hannah is 6 months old!  It’s obvious that both Brian and I keep thinking of her as a teeny baby because we haven’t been expecting her to do things like sit up or crawl – things that she is soooo close to doing right now!  This past weekend we put her in the high chair for the first time and she LOVED it – she’s so nosy that I think she liked being up where she could see everyone and everything that was going on – and last night she took a bath in the regular tub instead of the baby tub – again, loved it.  It definitely makes me sad to think that she’s not a tiny baby anymore but, just like Blake, she’ll always be my baby!  And such a HAPPY baby (who would have thought that 5 months ago we were thinking she was such a handful?!?)

I’ve got a TON of pictures from the past few days/weeks so here are my favorites (please notice that we hired the uni*bomber to rake our leaves):

October Weekend

So we went to an apple orchard/pumpkin patch last Sunday – it was great because the weather was perfect but not so great because, who’d have thought, there aren’t too many pumpkins left the weekend before Halloween.  Slim pickings but we ended up with what we needed – and since I’m thinking ahead we’re on the mailing list for next year so maybe we can even go apple picking!

Which would be great because I’ve been making applesauce for Blake in the crockpot using this recipe and he LOVES the stuff (although I’m tempting the fates by saying that…) so I’m sure it’d be fun to go and pick the apples for it.

The other big news is that I put in my two-week notice at work today.  I’ve found a new job closer to home (yay! no more cruddy commute through the congestion that is I94) so my last day is Friday the 13th and I start my new job on the 16th.  I do have off tomorrow to take Hannah to her 6 month check up (after which I’ll be sure to update with her stats) and possibly to stand in line for a H1N1 vaccine (not yet sure whether they will have it in at the Ped’s office or if we’ll need to go to the county health department and if they’ll even recommend that she get it) and I may take another day off, otherwise I’m working through!  I’m so looking forward to being home earlier each night and not being so stressed and road ragey from the commute and rushing out the door and in and out of daycare each morning.  So hooray!!!  Hopefully it means I can keep things more up-to-date on here as well…  But I’m not making any promises!!!

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