Because I’m random

Ten random things that go through my mind on a daily(ish) basis – usually during the middle of the night while I’m awake with Hannah.

  1. I swear that both of my children are able to sense the moment I get comfortable and am about to fall asleep.  Why do I say this?  Because that is the exact moment they choose to either wake up or make noise and the cycle starts ALL over again.
  2. I cannot believe I have resorted to it but I have actually said the words, “Because I said so” to Blake.  After eleventy-trillion “Why”s that’s the only response I could think of.
  3. I am currently psyching myself up to post my before and after pictures right here on the ‘main’ page (but only because I can enter myself in a contest to win free stuff).  I actually can’t tell much difference between the currently posted (and somewhat hidden) pictures and that’s okay – I can tell the difference in the way my clothes fit.
  4. I should probably stop wearing a shirt that I bought and wore while pregnant – it’s not a maternity shirt but the style is one that I was able to wear while 6-ish months pregnant.  It’s a cute shirt but not very flattering anymore.
  5. Blake continues to wake up at random times each night and wander into Hannah’s room to sleep (I’m still sleeping in there for *crossing fingers* a bit longer until she regularly wakes up once a night).  I have NO idea how to solve this problem…  He now quietly walks in there and climbs into bed and falls asleep so it’s not that disruptive and I KNOW it will be worse if we try and correct the behavior – and I really enjoy not having to be awake with him for more than a few minutes during the middle of the night (considering Hannah’s still waking up once, sometimes twice, a night).  But I also know that it’s a terrible habit and it’s going to be terrible to break it…  Sigh…
  6. I cannot figure out how Robin is still on Top Chef.  I don’t think there has been a single dish she has prepared that I’ve been like, “That looks really good!”  Top Chef, Biggest Loser, and Project Runway are the only reality shows that I still watch – and I’m not sure how much longer I am going to hold on with Project Runway – I end up fast forwarding to the runway every week (sooo over the drama when I used to find it entertaining).
  7. I have convinced Brian to run a 5K with me on November 8.  I’m crossing my fingers that the weather holds out and it isn’t too ridiculously cold.  I’m also working myself up to sign up for the Madison 1/2 Marathon at the end of May.
  8. I have great plans to sort through all of the baby clothes and only keep the outfits that I truly love – and get rid of the rest.  Not exactly sure what I’ll do with the outfits but if I get really ambitious then some day I’d like to make a blanket or something of the sort…  The chances of that happening any time soon?  Not very good.
  9. I really truly wished I liked salad as much as I like pasta and bread.  It would make this whole Weight Watchers thing that much easier.  I never thought I would say this but I actually do enjoy baked tofu – the teriyaki flavor in particular.  If you’ve never tired it I’d recommend it – it isn’t as scary (or icky) as it might sound.  Somewhat realted – Brian is now trying to eat healtheir and exercise more and has lost half as much weight in the last 3 weeks as I’ve lost in the last 3 months.  How is that fair?!?
  10. We’re in the midst of getting things organized for  Blake’s 3rd birthday party (mah baybeee!!!  how can he be 3?!?) and I’m also working out the logistics of a baby shower for the day after Christmas and I’ve realized that if we were to win it big in the lottery (because you all know that Brian plays ALL. THE. TIME.) I would want to plan parties for a living.  That or make invitations.

And as promised – the video (it’s much shorter than I hoped but this is what he does when this song comes up – and he actually requests it now)!


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