Because we are wild and crazy guys

Blake has taken to calling me and Brian “guys” – as in “come on guys”, “let’s eat guys” and so on.  It’s actually pretty funny.

Friday night I spent a good amount of time at the gym – because I’m wild and crazy but it’s actually sort of nice to go at that time because it’s not busy at all (shocking, I know) and multiple multiple multiple loads of laundry.

Saturday we went to lunch with Brian’s parents – they were babysitting for Makai so 3 of the 5 grandkids were together for the day.  For being close to nap time for all of them they were surprisingly well behaved!  We also went to the mall to see if Blake could get a ride on the choo choo train but it was down for repairs.  He then told EVERYONE “Choo choo train is broken” over and over and over and over…  If Blake had a newspaper Saturday’s headline would have been “The choo choo train is broken”.

And today was filled with a trip to the grocery store and lots and lots of cooking – granola, beef stew, chicken enchiladas (for dinner tomorrow night), meatballs (for the freezer).  It seems like the more we can get done on Sunday the easier the week goes – here’s hoping I didn’t jinx that!

I know I promised video but I’m still trying to edit things together – we’ve got some of Blake singing “The Tonight Song” (I Gotta Feeling) and the kids in the bath.

Instead here’s our smiley little girl:

All Smiles

All Smiles

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