5 months

Hannah is now 5 months old – and I cannot be lieve how quickly the time has passed!

  • She doesn’t hate tummy time quite as much and she”ll schooch towards something (though most likely away from something) in front of her on the floor
  • She eats cereal (both rice and oatmeal with a preference for oatmeal) two times during the day
  • She looooooves her brother – she looks for him whenever she hears his voice, gives him the biggest smiles – and he was the first one to get her to laugh.  If I haven’t told the storey before, and I honestly can’t remember so I’ll tell it again:  Blake was jumping on the bed (I know, I know, mother of the year) and Hannah was watching it and started to squeal and then a few giggles came out.  Adorable!
  • She has 3-4 very long hairs at the back of her head (seriously, they are waaaaay long)
  • She’s finally fitting into the 3-6 months clothing well and we’re retiring the 0-3 months (she was in a 0-3 onesie the other day and the poor little thing looked like a stuffed-sausage)
  • Still not sleeping through the night but she seems to be back on a schedule of going to bed around 7:00, maybe stirring around 1:00 but then not eating until 3:00-ish – it’s LOVELY for me to get so much sleep in a row (and now I’m sure I have officially jinxed this so I’m going to toss some salt over my shoulder, knock on wood, and cross fingers, toes and legs to hope she continues with this trend)

This weekend we are heading to Manitowoc for Nonny’s birthday – and man, is Blake excited.  He just really wants to sing “Happy Birthday” to someone!

Now that we’re into October I’m starting a new ‘challenge’ so I’m looking to run a 5K some time at the end of the month or possibly at the beginning of November.  And there’s talk of running the Madison 1/2 Marathon in May.  One thing I’ve realized is that I do much better when I feel accountable to someone/something and/or have a goal in mind.  Similar to signing up for the 2005 Chicago Marathon – once I paid the money I knew I wasn’t going to back down.  It’s been the same with Weight Watchers – putting the money down and now I’m sticking to it (I think if I was just following a diet on my own I probably would have quit by this point).  Being a part of the “Shredheads” has kept me honest and I actually feel somewhat guilty when I don’t get any exercise in.  When I started this all I was really dreading my workouts but now I actually look forward to it.  Who would have thought!  And the fact that I’m actually seeing results (10.5 pounds since I started) is definitely not hurting, either.


2 thoughts on “5 months

  1. Congrats on your 5 month old progressing nicely (knocking on wood too), and good job signing up for a 5K! I’m completely with you on needing to actually sign up for something to stick with it. Weight Watchers wouldn’t have worked if I hadn’t gone to meetings, and I wouldn’t have stuck to working out without all of you Shredheads supporting me!

    And if you don’t want to wait until May, you can come to Disneyworld for the 1/2 marathon in March! 🙂

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