We’ll be RICH!

So today I discovered something that is going to make me millions…  In order for your things to look nice and not grimy or dirty you need to CLEAN them!!!  Genius!

Yeah… maybe it won’t make me rich but it makes me smile when I open my refrigerator.  I got sick of seeing the marks (and frankly, not being sure when it was last cleaned was a bit scary) so I cleaned out the entire refrigerator today!  And it looks fabulous!  So yes, maybe not a new idea but cleaning things makes them look nice.  Who would have thought.

In other news – we are the MOST exciting folks around.  Friday night Brian and I went to bed early – but only after I hung out at the YMCA and he watched football at home.  Doesn’t everyone just want to be us?!?  Hanging out at the YMCA on a Friday night and cleaning the refrigerator on Saturday – the fun never ends!

But wouldn’t it be great if our numbers matched the Powerball tonight?

Update:  How could I forget to add that we spent Saturday morning at the laundromat washing ALL of the bedding in the house?  We are the coolest!


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