And we’re back!

We had an extended weekend (and I had an extended break from the blog, apparently – how has it been so long since I posted!?!) and we’re finally getting back into the swing of things.  Brian’s still moping around (well, sort of) after the Bears’ CRUSHING defeat by the Packers – and the fact that when I said “Go Packers” on Tuesday morning Blake responded with “Go Pack Go”.  HA!

So, what’s new???  Well…

Blake is moving forward with the potty training… sort of.  It’s sort of like two steps forward and two steps back (shout out to Paula Abdul!) but I feel like the forward steps are bigger and the backward steps are smaller if that makes any sense whatsoever.  He continues to be a little comedian – for example, while cutting his nails he pointed out the cut parts and said, “That’s the disgusting parts”.  He had a great time staying with Nonny and Grandpa Gene this past weekend and tore it up with Jack on Saturday and Sunday while we were at the game.  I am so relieved that the two of them get along so well and have so much fun together!!!

Hannah has been eating rice cereal somewhat regularly (we forgot to do it tonight in my rush to get to the dentist for yet another crown – whoops!) but it isn’t the miracle cure that has caused her to suddenly sleep through the night… dammit!!!  After taking her in for a nasty sounding cough the doctor said her lungs are clear and it is most likely due to a runny nose – caused by TEETHING!!!  GAH!  She’s still a shiny happy little baby but has taken to gnawing on pretty much everything in sight (and will suck on and try and inhale/eat your face if you let her get close enough).

I’m still hanging in there with Weight Watchers – down 8.5 pounds at this point which is CRAZY for me.  I’m starting to get used to eating better (within reason) and have definitely gotten used to exercise as a part of my daily routine (although I’m begging off tonight due to the dentist and needing a rest day for once).  Even while we were on our mini vacation I managed to get a workout in Saturday, Sunday and Monday!  I only did the initial test portion of the Shredheads September challenge so I’m hoping to get back on the wagon and get at least the push ups started because, seriously, how great would it be if I could actually do more than 10 real push ups in a row!!!

I will try and post photos from the last few weeks when I get a chance – but Top Chef is calling my name tonight!


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