I cannot believe that when I look at the calendar today it says SEPTEMBER!!! (Obviously it has said that for a few days now but you get my point).  I just can’t believe how fast the summer has gone – and that we’re inching towards the fall (although with the weather lately you’d think we’re already there).

Now that it’s September I’m done with the Shredhead challenge for August but I’m going to try the September challenge – 100 pushups/200 situps/200 squats.  Basically I’ll work up to being able to complete each one of those without stopping.  I’ve got a loooooon way to go considering I started the initial assessment with 10 pushups…  But I have learned that it’s best if I have a goal (hello 2005 Chicago Marathon) and if I have to be accountable to someone (thank you cost of Weight Watchers online).

Daycare seemed to think that Hannah was teething earlier this week but I’m not so sure.  God help me if she is already teething – 4 months seems a bit early for that!!!

We don’t have any major plans for the weekend – Saturday we have a Rib Roast with my coworkers and on Sunday Brian’s family is going to come over and grill out.  My main goal is to get in some exercise and some SLEEP!!!  If I can get in one good nap I will be sooo happy!  What will also make me happy – not having to do the long commute tomorrow.  Last year I drove home from work – leaving about 2 hours early – and hit the holiday traffic and spent almost 3 hours in the car.  I just don’t have it in me to do that one again so I’m working close to home tomorrow – WOOT!

I’ve been trying to get video of Hannah ‘talking’ but as soon as she sees the camera she clams up – I guess somebody is a bit camera shy!  So instead – pictures!



Blake and his Mad face

Blake and his "Mad" face


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