I cannot believe how quickly the time is passing with Hannah – it seems like just yesterday she was a tenny little thing who slept all the time (or at least the time she wasn’t squirming and fussing) and now… well, now she’s cooing and babbling and rolling over!  How the heck did that sneak up on me???  On Tuesday Hannah had her 4-month check up (she’ll be 4 months on the 29th) and she was smack in the 25th percentile at 12lb 9oz and 23 1/4oz.  She’s still so little but seems like she has gotten so big.  I don’t want her to get any bigger!

And Blake… when did he become a boy? and not a bably?  He’s FUNNY now – the things he says, my god, have me cracking up most of the time.  And he’s also incredibly stubborn (I wonder which one of us he got that from… oh wait, probably both of us) and frustrating but so WONDERFUL.  I can’t wait until Hannah gets to the stage when she talks. Oh wait…

Look at these guys!!!

Look at these guys!!!

This week has been a crazy one – I can’t seem to shake the head cold I picked up somewhere but I’ve been able to stick with my workouts and not die.  As much as all of Jillian Michaels workouts feel like they are going to kill me I can tell that I’m getting stronger – and I always feel better after having finished one. I’ve been steadily losing about a pound a week so I’m hoping that continues – slow and steady is the way to do it, right?

And of course I have been staying up to watch TV because I’m an idiot.  But but but – Project Runway is back on and so is the regular Top Chef (which, I’m sorry, is much more entertaining than the celebrity version – but this is one seriously homely lookin’ cast.  I’m just sayin’.) and of course I have to watch it the night it’s on so that I can know who gets kicked off – not for any real reason but because I just feel like I need to.  One of these days I will learn my lesson…  maybe.

Once again we’ve got weekend plans but we’re also going to try and take it easy.  Apparently the weather has decided that it needs to be October so I think our original plan of going to a pool is out but we’ll see!


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