Weekend ‘Fests’

We spent Saturday at Irish Fest (at the Summerfest grounds in Milwaukee).  Before the day started we walked in the  Run/Walk to Irish Fest that benefits the Arthritis Foundation.  It’s a 5K run/walk but we’re slackers so we skipped out on one of the loops (whoops) and only did part of the walk.  Hannah spent half of the walk in the stroller (her first time without the carset) and Blake was in the jogger…  but the jogger had flat tires and she started to fuss so we ended up putting the jogger back in the car and I had Hannah in the Bjorn for the rest of the day.  She did really well (obviously based on her sleeping picture) and I think Blake had a good time, too.  They have a ton of kids activities – that I only found when we were getting ready to leave – bummer.  Blake decorated a wooden snake and it was like the BEST. TOY. EVER.  He brought it everywhere with him and tonight had to hold it during stories before bed (but then wanted it on his dresser so he wouldn’t lose it – his words).

Today we went to Brian’s parents’ church picnic for lunch – and there was a DOWNPOUR.  Thankfully we had seats in the middle of the tent so we only got misted but it was a crazy storm.  Blake played a few games and got his face painted and they were able to show off their grand kids.  I’m sure I ate more food that I shouldn’t have (speaking of which, I’m pretty sure the corn dog I ate yesterday wasn’t really a good idea for the diet but it’s greasiness was delicious….).

Brian joined me tonight in my workout instead of mocking me while eating cookies.  I picked a toning video so I don’t think he felt the pain quite as much (I’m a weakling with upper body strength so that’s why I’m always thinking I’m going to die) but it definitely had him sweating.  We’ll see if he’ll make a habit of it, too!  Tomorrow is my weigh in day and I’m not sure that I’m going to have big results – it seems like the weekends kill me…  And this week I wasn’t so good about the snacking (stayed within my daily and flex points but I get SO many because of nursing that I wonder if maybe I need to not use any extra…  which would stink because I NEED the treats… well, maybe not NEED but I’m weak!).  But tomorrow is another day so we’ll see!


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