Lots of Updates

Hannah is still fighting her cold – apparently it is the cold that never ends.  But – she seems to be getting much better and  has been sleeping better now that the coughing and stuffy nose have gotten better.  She continues to be more and more of a happy little girl (this picture not being a good example but more of one that seems to be a foreboding of what we will see when she’s a teenager):

Serioulsy, mom...

Seriously, mom...

Blake however… an entirely different story.  He has been waking up at night SOBBING and has had a really hard time getting back to sleep – to the point that he ends up sleeping in bed with me in Hannah’s room or in bed with Brian.  I am at my wits end with this one – it used to be a problem to get him to fall asleep but once that was done he was pretty much good until the morning.  I’ve tried the “No Cry Sleep Solution” but it doesn’t seem to have quite the same scenario – we’ve got a consistent routine, we stay with him until he’s asleep (figuring he’ll eventually grow out of it so what’s the harm), etc.  but he just can’t get himself back to sleep at night.  So  it seems that if it’s not one thing it’s another!

Happy During the day... Not so much at night

Happy During the day... Not so much at night

I’m two weeks into the Weight Watchers and workouts and I’m down 3 pounds.  Not the greatest but when I think back to the garbage I ate at the movie and at dinner this past Saturday I’m surprised I didn’t gain weight!  I’ve been making an effort to fill up on fruits and vegetables and that seems to help with the hunger.  I still have that crazy sweet tooth but I’ve figured out how to manage it and allow myself some treats.  I’ve also been really good about getting in some sort of exercise each day – it’s not necessarily the most fun every day but I always end up feeling better after I’ve finished.  “No More Trouble Zones” is incredibly insane but also seems to really hit the ‘trouble zones’ so I’m trying to get in the full version of that workout (which is even more insane than the shortened version) once a week.  This weekend when I did “Boost Your Metabolism” Blake joined me and it was probably harder to get the workout in due to that than my lack of fitness.  He even learned how to make a muscle:

Future Strong Man

Future Strong Man

2 thoughts on “Lots of Updates

  1. Way to go with the 3 lb weight loss! Keep up the great work. I have such a sweet tooth as well.
    Your kids are too cute! Hope you can get some good rest tonight!

  2. Congratulations on the weightloss! I joined WW 6 weeks ago, and it has really helped me stick with it. I’d have given up already if I didn’t have to go to the meetings. I’m also shredding and running for exercise.

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