I did the SHORT version (yes, the SHORT version) of “No More Trouble Zones” tonight and I’m shaking…  There’s a move in this workout called the surrender and I thought I was going to die.  And then I had to do it again!

I’m  hoping the kids sleep well tonight because I’m ready to pass out…  But first I need to torture myself again by watching Top Chef Masters.  It’s a good thing I eat all of my meals before the show is on – but it’s SO tempting to try and recreate some of the meals.  If only I was a chef who had a crazy high metabolism!

And now… I’m going to curl up in a ball and die.

One thought on “Evil!

  1. Awesome job! My wife tried the trouble zones and hated it.

    My guess: it’s just like we felt when we started the 30 day shred, only more.

    Remember how you hated the first couple days of that, and how each next level did the whole muscle shake thing?

    You CAN do it!

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