Shredded??? Eh…

So I took a bit of a break from doing the 30 Day Shred – I’ve been doing it, just not EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  That maybe defeats the purpose (who am I kidding, it pretty much does) but continuing to do the workout every once in a while is better than not at all so I’m giving myself credit for that!  I did Level 1 tonight and it once again kicked my butt – but not nearly as much as it did the first few times so I’m guessing I did gain something from those first 10 days.  Hooray!  I was also all about the jogging… and now, eh.  Since going back to work I have been making an effort to get some sort of exercise in each day and I’ve been doing good at that.  We’ll see if I can keep it up – almost 3 weeks in and I’m still going strong(ish).

Hannah is now 3 months old – and I can’t believe it!!! She has turned in to such a happy baby the last few weeks – and it makes things around our house SO much easier.  Although… earlier this week she had a MASSIVE diaper disaster.  The sort of diaper disaster that resulted in an outfit change for her – and me – and also led to an unexpected morning shower for her before daycare.  Yikes!  Apparently as babies get older they don’t poop nearly as often (this never really happened with Blake) so I guess it was just building up – to epic proportions!  Despite the disgusting poo incidents we’ve had lately she continues to be cute.

3 Months

3 Months

Blake continues to amaze me with the things he thinks to say.  If I had a dollar for every time he told me or Brian that we weren’t listening I could, at the very least, buy a pretty nice outfit at the Gap.  Please note that we’re told this because we don’t give him something or let him do something that he wants to do.  Obviously it couldn’t be that HE’S not listening…  He’s had some sleep issues lately but I’m hoping that they’re in the process being worked out.  If it’s not one thing it’s another, right?

In other fitness-related news, on Monday I started Weight Watchers.  For YEARS I have used working out to balance my completely awful eating habits (seriously, if I could survive on junk food and sugary treats alone I probably would) so I think this will serve two purposes – to continue to lose the baby weight and to ‘teach’ myself better portion control and eating more veggies.  I also felt like I needed to be accountable and write down what I’m eating – which I have tried to do in the past but failed at – MISERABLY.  I’ve been doing good so far and have been writing down EVERYTHING.  The fact that I am paying for the website certainly helps – and I have noticed that I don’t stop by the candy bowl at work as often because I know I have to enter the cand and I definitely don’t clean up the leftovers from Blake’s plate anymore (which I probably did way too much of).  Here’s hoping I can stick with it (if I can’t I’ve promised Brian that I will cancel the membership) and that I’ll notice some changes in the next few months!

This weekend we are in celebration mode since Brian turns…  THIRTY FIVE!!!  Tomorrow night we are heading to the city to have dinner (a friend from D.C. shares the same birthday as Brian and she’s organized a dinner party of sorts) and then Saturday and Sunday will be spent with family celebrations.  Brian didn’t want any fancy presents though – oh no.  His present has started already – we’ve hired an ‘animal removal’ company to try and take care of our raccoon issues.  Tomorrow he wil meet with them to get an estimate for the damage repair (I’m just hoping it’s well over the cost of our insurance deductible since we’ve filed a claim and I’d HATE for it to come in close to that amount).  Happy Birthday! (Seriously, that’s what he wanted so I say why not?!?)


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