Nothing could be more pathetic

Than a tiny baby with a cough. Poor Hannah seems to have caught the plague that’s gone through our house – first Brian, then Blake, then me (conveniently enough it started right before I went back to work – score!) and now little Hannah. She seems to be in okay spirits but then she starts to cough… oh the cough… It seems like it’s a cold that gets shorter with each person with my cough ‘only’ lasting 2 weeks-ish so I’m hoping her bout is short-lived. Crossing fingers!

We didn’t have quite as productive of a weekend but did get some bookshelves up in Hannah’s room (I’ve only had them for 6 months…), fixed our way ghetto front room curtains so the curtain rod isn’t ripping out of the wall and sagging the middle (yay us!) and fixed the blinds in Blake’s room that started to rip away from the wall (actually, the molding around the window to which the blinds were attached was ripping away from the wall… the NEW molding around the NEW window). Can anyone tell me how I can be a homeowner without all of the stupid repairs?!? Earlier this week Brian had to replace part of our downstairs sink because it was leaking. It’s always something with this house… I say – Enough already!

I took some pictures with my phone today but I can’t quite figure out how to get them to post here…  But here’s some others of Hannah’s ‘workout’.  She doesn’t seem to hate tummy time quite as much as Blake – and she actually tries to lift her head instead of just giving in and laying there…

Tummy Time is Fun Time...  eh....

Tummy Time is Fun Time... eh....

Seriously?  Are we done yet?

Seriously? Are we done yet?

Here’s hoping this week is a short one!


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