Attitude? No….

Yesterday I asked Blake if was giving me attitude and he responded, “At-ti-tude???  Noooooo”.  Maybe you had to hear it to really appreciate it but it was FUNNY!

After the first week (and now into the second) of daycare Hannah has been doing pretty well (crossing fingers, knocking on wood, throwing salt over my shoulder in hopes that by putting this out there I don’t reverse the trend).  She’s been sleeping REALLY well – a huge change from Blake – and that’s made my days and nights a lot easier.  It’s been tough being back because my commute to the new job site is SO long that one night this week Hannah fell asleep right around when I got home and didn’t wake up until 2:30AM when she nursed…  But I know that she’s well taken care of and seems to be a pretty happy baby while she’s there so I guess I can’t complain.

I think it’s been a little tough for Blake to be back at daycare after being on vacation with mommy and daddy for a week and a half.  But he also seems to be adjusting to the regular schedule of things again and hasn’t been staying up ’til all hours of the night or waking up too late in the day**.

Last weekend we went to visit our friends’ new baby and he was ADORABLE.  He was not quite 4 weeks old at the time and it made me realize how much Hannah has changed since then – she’s still a little peanut but man, she’s so much different than she was 8 weeks ago!  She almost looks like an entirely different baby to me, too.  I feel like when I look at her she looks less and less like Blake and more and more like a little girl – and I just can’t wait until she can start growing – after going through a lot of this with Blake I feel like when she can finally talk to us it will be even more fun!  I swear Blake has me cracking up on a daily basis so I’m sure it will be even more fun with two – although I may be wishing for ear plugs, I”m sure.

This weekend we have NO plans so I’m hoping to get some more projects done around the house as well as NAP since I’ve been going without for a week and a half now and it is NO FUN!  Here’s looking towards the weekend 🙂

**The one exception was Thursday night – he came down with some crazy stomach issues and was up for a good chunk at 3:00.  And he was HAPPY to be up.  Thankfully Brian’s work is flexible enough that he was able to stay up with him, get him back to sleep and go into work later since Blake eventually woke for the day at 8:30 (completely unheard of!).

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