By the numbers and other assorted notes

0: Days I exercised on purpose – I brought my running shoes but never made it on a run

1:  Trip down the Au Train River; babysitter for Hannah for whom she behaved WONDERFULLY; movie seen in a movie theatre (The Hangover – funny but nothing I couldn’t have waited for on DVD)

2:  Visits to the ER after Blake got bit by something and his eye swelled shut (both visits happened on the 4th of July – one around midnight since he woke crying on the 3rd around 11:00 and the other around 7:00 PM, thankfully before anyone with a blown off hand from a firework came in); rounds of golf that Brian was able to get in while in the U.P.

4:  Books I was able to read while on vacation (3 by Jen Lancaster which were hilarious and 1 by Chelsea Handler which was also equally hilarious)

5:  Days the temperature started off in the 40’s while we were in the U.P (seriously – it was AWFUL and I think the day that it wasn’t below 40 it was in the low 50’s – but the days still had a way of turning out fabulous); years we have been married

5.5 – 6:  Number of hours Hannah started sleeping – IN A ROW and AT NIGHT – while on vacation

Eleventy billion:  (and yes, that is the technical number) Adorable things said by Blake and cute faces made by Hannah.  Blake proclaimed “I like ___, ____ is my friend” a number of times.  I think my favorite was when he said, “I like the cottage, the cottage is my friend”.  A very close second is when I was reading books to him before bedtime and he said, “Mommy… I happy”.  What more can you ask for?!?

It was very difficult to return to the real world – especially since that coincided with my return to work yesterday (and come to think of it, I think I returned to work after Blake on March 13th so there must be something with the 13th and my return to work…   I’m a huge dork for remembering that, I think).  I did much better with being at work – I’m proud(ish) to say that there were no tears while at work but I did get teary-eyed when I was home and holding Hannah and she was smiling and cooing at me.  That’s when I realized how much I missed that during the day.  I did NOT do very well with getting my act together yesterday though with the prime example being my dropping both kids off at daycare only to realize I left the bottles in the fridge.  Awesome.  But an easily remedied problem.

Today’s drop off was much better – but only with one child since Blake had his second dentist’s appointment; which, being the excellent and organized mother that I am, I had completely forgotten about and didn’t realize he had until we had the message on our voicemail reminding us (equally awesome was the fact that I didn’t know exacly where the appointment was, just the building).  Brian figured it all out and the checkup was great.

I think we’re starting to get into the rhythm of things – I’ve been able to get in some exercise and I think Brian’s getting back into a routine with gym visits as well.  I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that Hannah’s sleep trend will continue since that is making things much easier.  While I hate being away from the kiddos during the day I also like being back at work and using my brain again.  We just try and make the most of the mornings, evenings and weekends.  As soon as I figure out how to post the pictures I’ll do that – I’m  hoping to do a slideshow but I need to figure out where the program is that I want to use.

Enjoy the rest of the week – or as I was thinking yesterday around 10:30… Is it Friday yet?!?  =)

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