Vay Cay

We’re headed up to Michigan today for the next week or so.  I just found out today that I’m going to be going back to work on Monday the 13th so we may head back home earlier than planned – it depends on the weather and the sort of week we’re having, I guess.  Right now the weather isn’t too summer-like but by the weekend it is supposed to warm up.

Tomorrow is our 5 year anniversary – the time sure has gone by fast!  I think even more so the years that we’ve had kids.  If Hannah cooperates and takes a bottle nicely then awe’re planning on going kayaking with my family tomorrow morning (Blake, too).  If not…  Well, I’ll be staying home with her and Blake and Brian will head out onto the river with the resto f the gang.

The rest of the week we don’t have any plans – just hang out by the lake and catch some sun (maybe my glowing white skin will become a little bit less glowing white by the end of the vacation).

Enjoy the holiday weekend!  =)

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