Two Months

Hannah and Blake both had a doctor’s check up today.  Hannah is now 10lb 11.5oz and 21.75in – she falls right in the middle of the growth charts (a little bit below for length*).  Blake is 23 7.5oz and 33.25in – he still comes in below the 3% line but has been tracking along the same for quite a while now so they aren’t concerned.  Brian had such a late growth spurt that it’s quite possible that Blake will be the same – here’s hoping he’s on track to be taller than me!

Tomorrow we head up to Manitowoc for the night and then on to the U.P. for about a week.  We have plans to go kayaking on Friday – Brian will definitely be going with Blake but it’s a bit unsure if I will join them.  Right now Hannah is really not cooperating when it comes to taking a bottle so I may end up staying home so she doesn’t starve or scare the living daylights out of an innocent high school student who has signed on to babysit with the amount of screaming that she can produce when unhappy.  I’m crossing my fingers that it’s just a matter of changing the speed of the nipple on the bottle but I could be completely wrong.  Tonight probably isn’t the best judge of whether or not she’ll take a bottle because she’s VERY upset by the fact that she had to have two shots today.  These seems to have affected her temperament much more than the 1 month shots – crossing my fingers that it passes quickly!

Now for a smiley happy baby shot to remind me how great she is when she’s happy (which lately has been most of the time – knock on wood).

2 months old!

2 months old!

*As an aside – when do you start saying “height” instead of “length” for a child?  When they start walking?  Or is there a certain age???


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