An eventful day

Today we went up to Miller Park for the Brewers vs White Sox game (hooray for the White Sox win!).  Blake had a GREAT time at the game – and even sang “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” a few times before leaving, after and during the game.  When asked what he was going to eat at the game he said, “Candy” (we didn’t actually eat candy at the game – but he did have some kettle corn, which is what I guess they now sell instead of Cracker Jacks but I could be wrong).

Hannah did great as well – she actually slept more or less for the whole time we were out of the house.  There were a few fussy periods but I think she was in seventh heaven because she was held the entire day.

Here’s some pictures from the big outing (and yikes, I’m P-A-L-E and I have terrible posture.  I actually have tan lines on my feet from my sandals so I was a slightly lighter shade of white before the day started – bet you didn’t think that was possible):

Family Pic (yes, our seats are in the last row)

Family Pic (yes, our seats are in the last row, and no, Blake didn't look this sad the whole game)

Last row - but a wonderful view!

Last row - but a wonderful view!

See - he had fun!

See - he had fun!

Again - hes having a good time (and yes, I did bring my own snacks into the game - sue me)

Again - he's having a good time (and yes, I did bring my own snacks into the game - sue me)

In other fun stories – this morning we were watching the Tonight Show (yes, I tape it every  night to give myself something to watch during the day instead of the completly AWFUL 4th hour of the Today Show).  Jamie Foxx was on Friday night’s episode and he had on some pretty hideous shoes so I said to Brian, “WHAT does he have on his feet”.  Blake turned around, looked at me like “Duh” and said “Shoes!”.  Priceless.

I’m hesitant to post anything regarding sleeping or behavior because as soon as I posted that Blake hasn’t fallen out of bed in the last few weeks he went ahead and fell out of bed last night and Hannah had some really fussy days.  So I do believe I went ahead and jinxed myself!

As for me, now that I have been declared ‘back to normal’ by my doctor I am starting a workout regimen (with today as my day off because I figure holding Hannah and standing for pretty much the whole day has got to count for something).  After reading all about the ’30 Day Shred’ online I’ve decided to try to stick with that – I’ve got 3 days in so far and it’s pretty rough but I guess if I’m not going to frighten little children when wearing my bathing suit I can push through it.  I’m wondering if this is a sign though…  Our aging DVD player (which has been making terrible grinding noises for a while now) finally quit on us last night – about 10 minutes in to the 20 minute workout.  Is it a sign that we need a new DVD player (obvious) or that mayber I should just take a day off?  I didn’t take the night off because, lucky me, Level 1 of the shred is on demand so I was able to finish the workout.  Plenty of much braver ladies have posted before and after pictures of themselves but I just don’t think that I’m up for that. Nobody really wants to see that – heck, I don’t even think I want to see that.  Although I’m sure it would be cool when I’m ‘shredded’ (what does that even mean, by the way?  Am I really that old that I don’t know?  Or did Jillian Michaels make that up?) to look back and see how I’ve changed.  We’ll see… maybe I’ll do it!

Next weekend is Hannah’s baptism – and also our nephew Makai’s.  We’re crossing our fingers that the weather will cooperate since we’re having the paty at Brian’s brother’s house – outdoors.  Here’s hoping we have great weather tomorrow, too.


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