I realize that I have slacked on my blog posting duties but Hannah is  now more reliable in her eating and sleeping habits so I’ve been getting out of the house during nap times when I’m not taking a nap myself.  My delinquency also includes not taking a single picture of Hannah in the bath – including the first bath.  They would just be pictures of a screaming and crying baby (she hasn’t yet started to enjoy the bath but we’re making progress) so I don’t think anyone is missing out.  Instead I have been trying to capture pictures of her smiling since she’s been doing that more and more often.

Hannah had her 1 month check up on Friday and she weighed in at 9lb 11oz – 6oz more than Blake was at his check up (but her’s ended up being a bit after a month so I’m guessing they are still about the same size) and 21 inches (I  think he was 20.5).  Who knows – maybe she’ll outgrow him!

Blake has also had some big things going on – I haven’t wanted to jinx it but here goes.  He’s been sleeping GREAT in his big boy bed and for about two weeks now he’s been doing it all without a pacifier!  He’s also been ‘going pee pee in the potty’ a lot more often.

Happy Monday!

Hannah smiles!!!

Hannah smiles!!!


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