Almost one month

On Friday afternoon we went up to Manitowoc for the long weekend and then to the UP on Saturday.  Blake and Brian helped to paint the cottage while I was on baby tending duty.  Blake actually did a bit of painting and then moved into a supervisory role.  The weather was great and we were able to spend quite a bit of time outside.  I was a little nervous about making such a long trip with two kids but they were both really good for the car rides.  We’re planning our next trip up for the week/weekend of the 4th of July and I’m not nearly as nervous about that trip now that we’ve got one under our belt.

Now that she’s almost a month old Hannah has been getting much easier – I think the diet restrictions are actually working (good for her but unfortunate for me since I REALLY would like to have some chocolate, mkaythanx).  Her days and nights have seemed to sort themself out with the occasional night owl moment but otherwise she’s become a bit more like Blake in that her awake moments are filled less with crying and more with looking around and often smiling.  I’ve tried to capture a smile on camera but it’s tough to do since she still doesn’t let me put her down much so I’m still working on it.

Blake has been doing great in his ‘big boy’ bed – I think it’s been over a week now since he’s fallen out.  He’s also continuing to be a little comedian – the other day he pronounced something funny and I tried to correct him (I think it was ‘bus’ which usually comes out ‘suss’) and he said, “No mommy, don’t say that word”.  He also tells us “No talking” at least once a day.  Where in the world does he get this stuff?

Here’s some more recent pictures:

Painting the cottage
Painting the cottage
Checking out the lake
Checking out the lake

(Before this he had his jeans down around his ankles and was ready to go swimming!)

Super Blake!!!!
Super Blake!!!!

Watching the parade

Watching the parade

Birds eye view of the parade

Bird's eye view of the parade

I’ll try and upload some pictures with Hannah in them… but most of them look the same since she’s usually asleep!  One of these days I’ll capture a smile!

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