On Saturday we took the ‘front’ off of Blake’s crib and converted it to a toddler bed.  So far he’s been doing really well and is very proud that he’s a “big boy”.  At naptime on Saturday I walked past his room and found him sleeping on the floor and during the night he did the same (and also woke up one of the times he fell out).  Sunday he only fell out twice and last night we didn’t need to put him back in bed at all!  I’m crossing my fingers that this trend keeps up and that he gets used to the boundaries of the bed.

Sunday we enjoyed the weather and spent most of the day outside working around the yard.  Once again we planted flowers and are hoping that I won’t manage to kill them immediately.  We also planted a very small container with herbs (rosemary, basil) and a bell pepper plant.  We’ll see how that goes!  Maybe my black-thumb tendencies have changed!

Hannah has also been doing a bit better since I’ve been restricting my diet – I’ve switched to soy milk and have stopped eating chocolate (HORRIBLE) and having any caffeine.  I’ve also somewhat stopped drinking soda (just the past few days) and all of that seems to have helped her nights get better.  It still takes a bit to get her down for the night – she may have the days and nights confused – but all in all I’ve seen a definite improvement and wonder if maybe the colic diagnosis was a little bit extreme.  Again – fingers crossed that we continue to head in the right direction with this one!

Brian is now on summer hours at work which means he has off every other Friday – FUN – and that I’m doing daycare drop off in the mornings – CHALLENGING.  Today went pretty well but Blake was upset that we were going to ‘school’ instead of to get books.  The other week Brian took him to the library to pick out books.  Well, the books had to be returned and he asked for one of them last night (a book that I think is stupid, actually, so I’m glad we brought it back) so I told him we’d have to go pick out more books another time.  I guess he thought the other time was this morning.  Whoops!  So I’m thinking I may try and do pick up this afternoon (we’ll see how Hannah is doing) and we can pick out a few books.

Here’s some more recent pictures:

Awake and CALM!!!

Awake and CALM!!!

Not quite enjoying big brother holding her

Not quite enjoying big brother holding her

Looking forward to the 4-day weekend!


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