Two weeks

Today Hannah had her two week appointment at the pediatrician – she’s weighing in at a healthy 8lb 7oz (little chunker) and everything looked great except…  They used the ‘c’ word.  Meaning the endless crying from 9:00PM to 2:00AM (hours varying slightly daily) is probably colic.  It will most likely work itself out by the time I go back to work but until then we’re going to try and cope.  Meaning…  I’m going to see if we can buy a swing and I’m also going to see if I can get her to shift the hours of insanity to an earlier time of day. I’m also going to go hard-core with the elimination diet – I’ve been drinking soy milk but haven’t been that great with cutting out caffeine and chocolate so I’m going to work on that (but honestly, how cruel is that?!?  Tell a sleep deprived woman she can’t have caffeine OR chocolate?!?).

If only she would sleep at night like she does during the day…  Thankfully I’ve been napping in the mornings right along with her and then trying to get things done around the house in the afternoon – I may have to change that up and just nap around the clock!

It’s a good thing she’s cute:



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