Welcome to the barnyard

Today Blake decided that his sister sounds like a “piggy”!

Hannah makes lots of noises when she stretches (sometimes without even waking up) and most of them sounds like something you’d hear on a farm.  This morning while we were eating breakfast she was doing her stretching routine and that’s when Blake announced that Baby Hannah is silly and that her noises sound like a piggy.  I’m tempted to try and get it on tape but it feels sort of mean…  Who knows – maybe some day this week I’ll get bored and catch her at the right time!I seem to have lots of big plans for what I’ll do during the day each day but then my little party animal decides to stay up at night for a few hours and I end up napping right along with her.  Guess that’s what happens when you get about 4 hours of sleep a night!  Thankfully Blake doesn’t seem to be woken up at night – that’s the one saving grace in it all!

After Brian nicknamed Hannah “Blake 2.0” I decided to go back and try and find some pictures for comparison.  Seeing as she’s only a week and a half old at this point I don’t have too many of her to choose from to do a comparison but here’s what I could find:

Blake and Hannah

Blake and Hannah

Sure you can tell them apart but you can’t tell me they’re not related!  =)  Brian continues to wonder where her blond eyebrows came from and I can’t help but think of how much alike they look except for the nose (and it’s also obvious from these pictures that this time we learned our lesson and cut the baby’s fingernails EARLY and before she scratched herself).  It’s not just how they look alike, either – but some of the mannerisms that they share.  I can only hope that Hannah grows up to be as great as Blake has been!

Today he took a book in to Hannah’s room, sat on the bed and proceeded to tell her a story while she was in her crib.  VERY cute – and I tried to get it on tape but didn’t quite get what I wanted.  I’m sure I’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future.

Happy (early) Mother’s day to all of the moms and grandmas out there – we love you!


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