Chunky Monkey

Little Hannah Banana is back up to (and beyond) her birth weight!!!  On Saturday we had to take her to the pediatrician to have her billirubin levels checked and she was at 7 pounds even.  At Monday’s appointment she was up to 7 pounds 7 ounces (and the  billirubin was down to 5.9 from 11.0 so we can say goodbye to the light blanket for good)!!!  Still quite the little peanut but moving in the right direction.  Guess the seemingly constant snacking she’s been doing has been paying off.  She also seems to be quite the party animal – and by that I mean her days and nights must be mixed up because the past three nights I’ve been awake between midnight and three.  If you happen to have time on your hands and are awake at that time let me know – we can chat!

Blake has been doing really well with all of the changes – I’m not surprised because he has always been a really good kid.  The only real ‘issue’ (and I’m not even sure that it is one) is that the stars seem to align every  night so that when we read books before bedtime Hannah is usually getting hungry so he is always letting me know that “Baby Hannah crying” or “Why Baby Hannah crying?” or even “Where Baby Hannah go?”.  He’s still been going to daycare each day – we figured it’d be best to keep him on his routine.  Yesterday he even told me “I love Jessica” (one of the teachers at school) so I asked him if he loved mommy, too, and he said, “No, I love Jessica”.  Cute, I know, but the sound you just heard was my heart breaking into a million pieces!  He eventually said that he loved me, too, and I got a kiss goodnight.

I still look at Hannah and see SO much of Blake – but she definitely has her own little personality and differences.  One of the big ones is her noises – her cry is definitely very different.  She doesn’t do it as much anymore but for the first few days she would sort of squeak when she cried – too cute!  And she’s a snorter.  Gotta love her!

I still can’t believe I’ve been a mother to two kids for a week now.  I’m sure the rest of my leave will just fly by!


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