One more week (???)

We’re READY for this baby – but she seems to be taking her time. We did some spring cleaning today (definitely a day to do that – rainy and cold after yesterday’s teaser weather of near 70 temps) and ended up washing ALL of the bedding and blankets in the house.  I also made some more soup for the freezer so I think we’ve got a few nights of meals ready for post-baby dinners.

Now I’m just trying to stay calm (because really, I’m obviously the MOST patient person…  not so much) and soak up the last days of our “Family of 3” time.  Blake has been absolutely hilarious lately – today Brian asked him why he had a ‘ni-ni’ (pacifier) and he said, “Cuz I want to”.  Tw0 years old and he’s already got an attitude!

There are plenty of wagers or whether the baby will come this week or whether she’ll wait it out until May.  I’m just wondering whether I’ll be able to make it to my scheduled hair appointment on Wednesay night (Brian is betting yes).

I also know that I ‘owe’ pictures from Easter but I have the camera packed away with the hospital stuff and although I downloaded the pictures… I haven’t loaded them online.  I know – slack-tastic but I’m okay with it.  I’m 39 weeks pregnant (and at this point it feels like I’m 10000 weeks pregnant).

Here’s hoping my next post will be one containing pictures of our new little girl!


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