Spring has sprung!!!

Spring has sprung!!!

We were certainly surprised by the nice weather yesterday – considering the forecast for snow on Friday night the fact that it was 64 was okay with me!

We had lunch at Yu’s (for the first time this pregnancy I REALLY wanted Chinese food – potstickers to be exact) and then opened the windows and painted the baby’s room.  It’s crazy to think that in just 5 weeks (or so) we’ll be welcoming another member to the family.  Thankfully, B is a BIG help with everything:

Ready to paint

Ready to paint

Ready to fix things

Ready to 'fix' things

Luckily B’s fascination with ‘fixing’ things has come at the right time.  He’s also been interested in having a ‘pretty’ in his hair (ponytail holder) – sort of funny to see a little boy walking around with blue jeans, a dinosaur t-shirt, a screwdriver (or whatever tool he’s decided upon for the day) with ponytail at the top of his head (Brian’s only slightly mortified).

Let’s  hope the good weather is here to stay!


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