Long Overdue

It has been FOREVER since I’ve updated this site, I know.

But things have just been crazy around our house lately!  For five days we had an electrician in our house and he pretty much rewired EVERYTHING!  We also now have overhead lighting in our family room (we had been using an assortment of extension cords and lamps to light the area ever since we moved in) and according to the electrician, Baby #3 won’t be too far in the future because the lighting is on a dimmer.  Yes, we’re very fancy in this house!

On Saturday Brita came down and hauled away a TON of our old furniture for her new apartment so we’ve been rearranging furniture and trying to figure out what, if anything, we need for our family room and how we’re going to arrange furniture in Baby #2’s room.  We also had dinner with friends the last two Saturday nights and dinner with Brian’s family last Sunday night – so we’ve been BUSY.  It’s definitely made the time fly by – and we now have 6 weeks and 6 days until Baby #2’s schedule arrival date (although who really knows when she’ll make an appearance…).

Then you throw in the stupid lose an hour time change and things are just messed up!  Although B has really been a champ through it all – and he’s already asleep for the night.  Not too far off schedule so I’m hoping that means we’ll have a ‘regular’ early morning wake up tomorrow.

Now, here’s some pictures:

Pouting on the way to dinner last Sunday

Pouting on the way to dinner last Sunday

Posing with a choo choo train

Posing with a "choo choo train"

With Papa Art and Baby Kai

With "Papa Art" and "Baby Kai"

One of these days I’m sure I’ll get a chance to post some pictures of the baby’s room (I’d like to get it painted and sort of ‘ready’ before I do that though) and also of our new furniture (but we’d also like to have the new TV set up)…  but it may be a while.

Enjoy the week!


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