Appropriate reading material? Fail

Yesterday we received the latest Sports Illustrated – yep, the swimsuit issue – and B latched on to his magazine.  And proceeded to go through and look at all the ladies.  And Brian taught him that he needed to say “hi” to all of them when he turned the page and saw a new one.  So that was the scene at our house the other night.  Like I said, fail.  I’m hoping the fact that he can recognize a picture of the president and say “Barackymama” when you ask him who it is sort of cancels out the swimsuit issue…

We’ve also been really great on the nutritional home-front.  Exhibit A = wings:

Enjoying a chicken wing

Enjoying a chicken wing

The nesting is going strong.  We’ve got the new crib assembled and because I’m a nut job the bedding has been washed and put on.  Earlier this week Brian also picked up a changing table that I found on Craigslist (score!) so the baby’s room is really coming together.  We also got our new couch delivered yesterday and finally got rid of the old, but trusty, blue and green plaid one.   Brian has said that it seems like we’re finally moving up to ‘grown up’ furniture.  Some time in the next few weeks we should be picking up our new TV (which Brian has been waiting to get FOREVER) and then it will seem like a whole new family room.

Oh – and we also now live with a dinosaur (and Exhibit B = Pizza):

We had been enjoying the relatively mild weather lately but it seems like Mother Earth has realized that it really IS February so we’re back to the cold.  Stay warm!


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