I’m not doing well with the posting in 2009. Things just seem to have been on the crazy side lately.

I hope to have some time to upload pictures/video – there’s a serious need! But I think that the ‘nesting’ has kicked in and of course it is MUCH more important that I patch nail holes and do paint touch ups before the baby is born, right? Right?

In B news he’s had a language EXPLOSION lately – he wakes up most mornings and, not surprisingly knowing his father, says, “I eat” and we go down and eat breakfast. It’s just so funny to hear what he’s thinking – and realize that he’s a smarty (and has a great memory). Again – I may just be a little biased…

Anyway, back to some work and hopefully an update with pictures this weekend (by that point I’ll also know if I’ve failed my second glucose screen – fingers crossed that I DON’T have gestational diabetes this time around).


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