Holidays, etc.

Probably the easiest thing for me to do is to put this video together – it pretty much sums up our holiday time.  I call it “Blake turns 2/Christmas/Blake eats”.  I know it’s long but it was hard enough to cut it down to where it’s at (new camera = MANY movies)  Enjoy!

*Sorry I sound so screechy in this – I’m still figuring out the new camera and I guess I didn’t realize how close I am to the mic when filming.

**I would have loved to include footage of B and his second cousin Jack playing in the bathtub but I figured I’d save that embarrassment until B has his first girlfriend  =)

***At some point I will upload a 1 year – 2 year picture montage but I’m still picking out pictures and music (and learning how to use my software better).  I’m sure you’re waiting on pins and needles… not so much!

****In Baby #2 news I ordered bedding for the baby’s room tonight on super duper clearance from Target – it was definitely fun to pick out something pink!

(And finally – what is it with me and the footnotes?!?)


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