So I’m 30

Almost a week into it and I’m actually okay with it – maybe I’ve already felt older, I’m not sure.  Brian organized a surprise dinner for me with some of my coworkers – either they are all really good liars or I am just clueless.  Whatever it is I had a really good time and realize that I’m very lucky.

I’m also at the half-way point with baby #2.  My next doctor’s appointment is on the 15th and we’re hoping to have a cooperative baby so that we can start telling B that he’s got a little brother or sister on the way (I’m told that he really won’t ‘get it’ until the baby comes home and doesn’t leave but I think if we can start prepping now it will make ME feel better).

I also can’t believe how quickly the year has gone – how is it already December 8th?!?  And how is it that B is going to be 2 in just 11 more days?!?  Thankfully I was able to address most of the holiday cards and sent out for the picture so it’s just a matter of writing a note in them (blahhhh) and sending them on their merry way!  The majority of the shopping is done but the presents all need to be wrapped – I’m hoping I can tackle that tomorrow night but you never know.  Oh, and I have to plan a 2nd birthday party (invites have gone out but I have done NOTHING else for it at this point).  If only there was another hour in the day…

Stay warm!


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