Irish Fest (and a little bit o’ thrush)

Yep, B has ‘the thrush’.  Something normally reserved for young infants has somehow overrun his now 20-month old mouth and made it painful for him to eat.  Brian took him to the doctor on Monday and as soon as she looked into his mouth she said “whoa” and knew exactly what the problem was.  He’s now on a combination of drugs (Nystatin – an anti-fungal – and a combo of Benadryl and Maalox) and has been doing much MUCH better.

Being the trooper that he is B braved Irish Fest on Saturday (an aside: I can’t believe that I was able to finish the run/walk in the time that I did – guess I’m not in as bad of shape as I though).

Here’s a few pictures from Saturday:

B perked up a bit at the end and played in the water park but otherwise he just sort of hung out and relaxed.  We’re hoping by this weekend he’ll be back to 100%.

P.S. Is it just me or is anyone else a bit freaked out that it’s already August 19th?!?

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