Take me out to the ball game

On Saturday we went to see the Brewers at Miller Park with Carrie and Brandon.  Despite a little bit of rain while we were tailgating the weather was BEAUTIFUL!  The tickets we were given (Thanks Uncle Mark!) included super sweet parking, excellent seats behind 3rd base and admission to the Medavante Club – don’t ask me what it means because I have NO idea – so we went up there for a bit to check out the view:

View from the top

View from the top

Erin & Carrie

Erin & Carrie

After the game we were stuck in traffice trying to get out of the parking lot (we quickly learned that super sweet parking on the way in does NOT equal easy out privledges).  We still managed to have a good time!

Keepin it legal

Keepin' it legal

On Sunday we made an unexpected trip over to Madison to help Brita pack up her apartment.  Unfortunately (or fortunately) I don’t have pictures of that but I do have a picture of B from our car trip:

My futures so bright...

My futures so bright...

We’ve realized that he maxes out around 2 hours of car time – then things go downhill pretty quickly.  Either we have to nix all trips near or over 2 hours… or we just have to start driving faster!


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