Today Brian and I went to see The Dark Knight – at 10:00AM. And the theatre was packed! We saw it in IMAX and it was AWESOME (Brian was a little disappointed that it wasn’t, according to him, the greatest movie ever but I thought it was great). All I have to say is that Christian Bale is YUMMY!

Then we went to a college graduation party for Brian’s cousin. It was a party that included this:

Food at a Tiojanco family party - Rice NOT optional
Notice the Rice Cooker…

B had his first taste of lechon but still was partial to the adobo. It was PERFECT weather for an outdoor party at a park.

A trip down the HOT slide

A trip down the HOT slide

Bouncing on the horse

Bouncing on the horse

Seriously – he went over to the dog on his own and decided to pet the dog – ON HIS OWN! I think it probably has something to do with the dog being so much smaller than him… and also being relatively calm for a chihuahua, but it’s a big deal for us. This kid used to run screaming in terror at the sight of a dog more than 50 feet away (more than 50 feet away and he was VERY brave and excited to see the dog – until it walked closer). Probably not a big deal to anyone other than me… but I’m a proud mamma! Oh – and don’t mind the chunk of ice he’s holding – it’s apparently the coolest thing ever (no pun intended) and he now wants an ice cube ALL the time.

Tomorrow we have an exciting day planned – Target and the grocery and maybe we’ll get lucky and take a trip to Millenium Park. No, not the Millenium Park in Chicago but the much much smaller park with the same name in our village. Well, maybe not an exciting day… but I am actually looking forward to a somewhat lazy day. This week holds a LOT of cleaning before some out of town guests visit and a birthday celebrations for THREE people I know



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