Vacation… Soon!

On Sunday we will be meeting my parents in Milwaukee and they will be taking B up to Manitowoc and we will be meeting them up there on Monday night/Tuesday morning before heading up to the U.P. together on Wednesday.  I’m sure B will have a great time – Grandma loves taking him to the park, on walks, and playing outside – and we get a little bit of a tuition break from daycare.

It also gives Brian and I the chance to go out to dinner on Sunday night to celebrate our anniversary.  And to pack and ready ourselves for vacation (I’m in the process of debating if I’m going to take off on Tuesday or not…  I’m thinking vacation right now).

I think this year it will be a little bit more relaxing to spend the 4th in the U.P. – we have a good routine for B and he isn’t waking up at night (knock on wood) and I think he’ll be able to enjoy the lake and the 4th of July parade a little bit more than last year.  I know all of my relatives are looking forward to seeing him – we see him every day and realize how much he’s changing and they haven’t seen him since Christmas, when he wasn’t even walking!!!

In other news – we are getting a new computer for our anniversary and I’ll be loading videos and pictures galore…  at which point I swear I will post some new pictures and videos (with the new computer I’ll be able to edit videos – yay – so I’m hoping to put together a montage of B’s words).


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