18 months!

I will be sure to post some pictures (and maybe even a video) later. But right now I just wanted to say…

My baby is 18 months old?!? How is that possible?

We’ve got quite a few words now:

hi, bye bye, more (with sign), please (sort of – more like puz, but with a sign), ya (yes), no, mama, dada, thank you (sort of), yuck (well, this one is new and unfortunately it doesn’t sound exactly like yuck and sounds more like another less crowd friendly word or sometimes the word duck), uh oh, ni ni (night night, good night or for the paci), my (or mine), ga pa (grandpa – we think), hooray (my personal favorite – sounds like yay YAY), ta da

And the following noises:

woof woof, teet teet (tweet tweet for a bird), dat dat dat (quack quack quack for a duck), arrrrr (for a monster)

I can’t believe all he can do now – and how much he has changed from a year ago. It sure goes by quickly!


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