Houston (or Hot Hot Hot)

Or even “Why I will never be able to live in Texas”. Am I surprised? Hot in Texas at the end of May? Not really… But I didn’t expect the temperature in Houston to be hotter than the sun! We spent a lot of time indoors or at the pool. When we weren’t inside or in water we were outdoors in the shade – or sweating through our clothes in the sun. B spent a lot of time without a shirt on (and layer after layer of SPF50) or in just his diaper (I can’t believe it but the sweaty Olsen genes just came out in him and I felt guilty putting any clothes on him while his hair matted down to his head).

But we had a blast! The girls loved playing with their cousin:

B loved playing with their toys:

(B’s on the bike with Lydia but when Evelyn would ride with him he would frantically say “Mo Mo Mo” while signing “More” every time the bike would stop. We may have to invest in a riding toy for him… but I think Brian will protest the pink Barbie bike.)

But he REALLY loved the pool and the outdoor fountain at Kemah:

But I think his absolute favorite time was playing in the sandbox at the country club. It was a HUGE sand area and for a while he had it all to himself.

I think next time we go back it will have to be winter…

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