We survived!

All of us!  B did wonderful with his grandmas (and I think was even a bit miffed that we came back at all) and Brian and I had a great time in Bald Head.  The weather ended up being great – a bit windy on Friday but otherwise we couldn’t have asked for a better long weekend.  I’m so glad the weather forecast was so far off base – honestly, I think they are just guessing!

The Beach

The weekend did, however, highlight that I am getting old.  I think I held my own during the ‘celebrations’ but man…  I think I’m still tired!

We made it to the graduation ceremony with very little time to spare.  B enjoyed clapping with the rest of the crowd but as soon as Auntie Brita’s name was announced he was out of there and spent the remainder of the ceremony climbing steps.  I would post pictures of the graduate but the only ones I have are SO far away it’s pretty pointless.

I will be posting some new pictures of B this weekend when I get a chance – I have over 300 pictures on the camera that need to be downloaded to our computer.  Brian would be horrified that I’m making this public but…  lately B’s been grabbing my purse, putting it over his arm and toting it around while waving at us and saying “bye bye” (or at least his version of it).  This morning he walked out of the house with it and was VERY unhappy when I took it away from him.  Can you say kung fu grip?

Enjoy the long weekend!


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