I swear I’ll do it

Update this site with new pictures, that is.  And a really funny video, too.  When I get a chance.  And who knows when that will be!

On Thursday Brian and I are headed down to N.C. for a work retreat – without B.  That means that right now we’re I’m in heavy preparation for the days we’ll be gone.  Our flight leaves early on Thursday morning so we have to leave our house at the disgusting hour of 4:30 (ack!!!) in order to get to the airport in time.  And this is the weather forecast – I guess 40% chance is better than 50%:

Looks like Saturday (until we leave at 4:00) will be the day for sun.  I’m just crossing my fingers that the weather just keeps improving (it was looking stormy the entire time we’d be there when we checked this weekend).  Seriously though, is rain really required on vacation?  I could do without it!

I shouldn’t complain – the forecasted lows are around where our forecasted highs are (is it really necessary that the temperature yesterday when I went out to my car was 44?).


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