His mother’s son

This confirms what we’ve known all along – B is definitely his mother’s son.  After testing out the $0.31 scoops at Baskin Robbins last night B realized he REALLY likes ice cream (and pretty much sweets of any sort):

Ice Cream

I think it also confirms that we need to take him in for another haircut – yikes with the longish hair in the back.  Can you say baby mullet?  It also confirms that Brian and I are vying for the parents of the year award since this happened before any sort of proper dinner.  Best. Parents. EVER.

In other news…  on Monday B moves up to the toddler room in daycare.  Yesterday he had his last day with a paci and did really well (and also napped on a cot).  Scary how now he’s becoming more of a boy and less of a baby.  Evidence – trying on new sunglasses (though apparently we’ve all been fooled into thinking they go over our eyes when CLEARLY they go around your neck):

Cool Dude

Brian and I are also learning that B clearly can do everything himself, duh!  He will go so far as to remove our hands from his high chair tray if we try and help feed him when he wants to do it himself (and that also involves a small, or not so small, amount of screaming, crying and/or whining).  It’s great to see him become his own little person – pretty funny at times, too!

Here’s too the upcoming weekend!


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