Shedd shmedd (and a few pictures)

We had a very eventful weekend – and thankfully the weather cooperated and we were able to be oustide for a good part of the day today!

We started out the weekend realizing that “Spring has sprung” and hoping that it’s here to stay:

On Saturday (after another very exciting 30 minutes in the pool being carried around by mommy swim lesson) we went to Oakbrook mall and walked around and did some shopping.  B spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa S. while Brian and I went out to dinner with some friends – yummy!

Sunday we woke up early (well, I guess no earlier than usual) and went downtown to the Shedd to “see the fishies” (and freak out when the swam too close to the glass).  Since there’s no flash photography allowed I didn’t get many very good pictures – many turned out like this (which isn’t horrible but not so clear, either):

Here’s a few that turned out:

I hate that he’s got the paci ‘out in public’ but we’re going through a bit of a paci phase – he’ll put up the block if we try and take it out when he wants it (but at other times he’ll hand it to us nicely and smile – only to ask for his “ny ny” back a little while later). 

Wow – I’m excited (and B looks like he’s trying to escape)


Again with the paci – but Brian wanted these included because of the Filipino reference (B is with ‘his cousins’).

And we ended the weekend with some hard outdoor labor.  B helped by picking up leaves and throwing them in the air – and every so often rubbing some in his hair.


Let’s hope this weather is here to stay!

One thought on “Shedd shmedd (and a few pictures)

  1. I love the raking picture and the picture where Blake is pointing to the flower.

    We’re looking forward to spending time outside by the Lake, and exploring the backyard and the woods with Blake.

    Grandma Olsen

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