Shame on me

We spent the weekend in Madison visiting my sister and some friends.  It was a lot of fun – but you’ll have to imagine it all because I didn’t take a single picture!

After swimming on Saturday morning we drove up to Madison (by way of a new fantastic route that took under 2 hours – score!) and had lunch with Brita at Dotty’s.  Maybe not the wisest decision because there was a hockey tournament and we went before the game started – meaning a LOOOONNNNG wait –  but the burgers and fries (chili cheese fries – mmmmmm) were really good.  I probably ate a little bit too much but hey, I didn’t have a very respectable breakfast.

After a quick walk around State Street (including a Badger shirt and fleece purchase for B) we went to visit with my high school and college friends and watch the NCAA tourney games.  I ate SOOO much (another reason for the title of this post).

Sunday morning we went to breakfast at the Pancake Cafe with my friend (and co-worker) Sarah.  It was fabulous – and I again ate too much.  Are we noticing a theme here?!?

What I can’t believe is how much things change between each of my visits.  Granted I’m not visiting on a super regular  basis but I can’t believe it’s the same campus that I was on – dorms are gone, buildings are gone and new ones have sprung up in their place (but the trusty and dusty Noland hall still remains), and there’s about eleventy bazillion new high rise apartment buildings – Gah!

I swear, next time I’m in Madison (which should be in about a month for Crazylegs and then again for Brita’s graduation) I’ll be sure to take at least one picture!


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