Easter Blake Hunt

Our Easter was pretty uneventful.  I’ve already mentioned that B wasn’t a fan of wearing the bunny ears so no pictures of that…  What he was a fan of was emptying one of the cabinets and climbing in – a definite first.  He’s such a good helper – he knew that mommy needed to organize this cabinet so he was just giving me a hand:

Another new thing was new shoes!  B’s been sporting some pretty cute PediPeds but has started to slip in them now that he’s up and walking (almost running at times – yikes) so thrifty mommy got some ‘big boy shoes’ on clearance at the Gap.  Cammo shoes at that! 

What I’ve been a fan of is the Easter candy – shame on me!  Serious sugar overload – I’m not even very discriminating this year in that I’ve eaten a few of the black jelly beans.  Blech!  I wonder why I haven’t been able to shake the last of the baby weight… it really is a wonder!  What is my problem?!?  Maybe I just need to go back a few posts and look at the pool pictures to remind myself not to pick up that marshmallow peep – just don’t do it!  Seriously, I don’t even like them that much, they’re just around and I think mmmmmmmmm sugar!

B’s also got a few more ‘words’ (in addition to “hi” “dada/daddy” “muma” “uh oh”).  We have something that resembles ball, we’ve learned how to “woof woof”, sort of, and along with waving bye bye we can now say it – although it comes out “dye dye” (or I guess “die die” – we try not to take it personally).  I know I’m a biased mother – but c’mon.  Cuteness!


One thought on “Easter Blake Hunt

  1. He is so cute in the cabinet!!! That’s adorable– I wish Harry would do that to my tupperware cabinet– I could clean it out then maybe.

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