15 months!

Just a little ‘blast from the past’ – I was going through pictures in my attempt at a scrapbook (maybe not the best attempt – but hey, I’m trying!) and I thought it was amazing how much B has changed in the last year!  He’s still quite the little peanut (just under 20 lbs and 29 inches) but I think he’s starting to look more like a boy and less like a baby.  I’m sure I’m completely biased but I do think he’s the cutest guy around!

Just about this time last year B rolled over for the first time – we were SO excited for it to finally happen (the kid was a serious slug during tummy time – I had visions of him never learning to roll!).  From rolling over to ‘dunking’:


Here’s a shot at how the boys ‘played’ this weekend – they seem to be thinking, “What?  What are we supposed to do?”  I can’t exactly blame them…  J had just woken up and B was SOOO ready for his nap:


Enjoy the Easter holiday!  I am REALLY hoping that the snow predicted for tomorrow is the LAST we see for a very long time.

On a somewhat realted note, while we’d love to send out more pictures of our ‘little bunny’ he’s definitely not as cooperative with the bunny ears as he was last year!


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