Yes, I’m still a slacker

In another “bad mommy” moment I forgot to bring my camera with me when we went to Manitowoc this weekend.  Thakfully my mom was able to take a lot of pictures – one of these days I’ll download them, I’m sure.  B had a great time playing with his grandma and grandpa – and even managed to sleep through the night for them on Saturday without a single peep!  I believe it’s the ‘cave effect’ as we lovingly refer to my old room at my parents – its cave like nature usually has people sleeping until noon!

B continues to battle yet another ear infection and Brian is still feeling a bit under the weather with who knows what sort of funky disease.  My cough still lingers (yay for bronchitis!) but I’m actually feeling pretty good.  And I’m embracing the fact that today’s predicted high is 48!!!

We also found out that in May B will be moving to the ‘toddler’ room at daycare – no more pacifier, no bottles (we’re golden on this one – he only has a bottle before bed and maybe if he wakes up at night) and only one nap a day.  It should be an interesting transition – I think he’ll do okay but it just seems like he’s still so little!!!  One good thing – I seem to remember seeing a sign that says they will feed him breakfast – which may come in handy some days.

Until next time when I promise to have some more recent pictures…


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