What’s that about?

So, B has always been a pretty good sleeper…  except for the small detail that he wakes up EARLY.  Like 5:00 every day early.  Today he decided to treat everyone by waking up at 3:45.  Yep, he was A-W-A-K-E and wanted us to know it.  What can I say – he’s a party boy!  I’m not sure what he thinks he’s missing but if we’re trying to rock him to sleep or settle him down he will keep pointing at the door until we get up for good.  I’m glad he’s enjoying it but man, it’s taking a toll on me!  Thankfully he’s such a happy guy!  One of our new ‘favorite’ things to do (besides play with the Leap Frog fridge alphabet by taking everything off of the refrigerator and throwing it on the floor) is to play with this train from Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Cannon:

It’s funny to me that he knows the way it goes on the floor and will sit for 10-15 minutes at a time and roll it along.

Hopefully this early morning nap (yes, he’s decided to take a ‘nap’ at 6:00 this morning) will help him out with this crazy sleep habits and we’ll be back to a somewhat better version of normal sleeping.  I’d give anything to get a 6:00 wakeup!


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