Quarantine – Part II (and a bonus!)

Yep, I jinxed it!  We had the first ear infection of 2008 – and the first since the tubes.  Luckily we sort of saw it coming – in the form of a ball of goo that came out of B’s ear on Friday morning before daycare.  So…  I spent 1/2 the day with a sick little boy.  Around lunch time I got a call to pick up B – he was running a fever of 101.5 so he had to go home.  After making an afternoon Dr. appointment I picked him up and we went home where he proceeded to take a decent nap and eat an okay lunch.

At the Dr. we found out that the poor little guy was running a fever of 103!!!  And did indeed have an ear infection in his right ear.  Ear drops and another round of Omnicef – and many doses of Tylenol or Ibeuprofen.

We’re hoping this will pass quickly – the weekend was somewhat miserable with the crazy cold weather (the high was zero – yep, zero – on Saturday and not a heck of a lot warmer on Sunday) and battling the fever.  We missed the second swim class but we’re hoping we can go this weekend. 

I did, however, have a fantastic bonus on Friday!  Blake took a few steps!!!  He’s still pretty shaky and won’t take more than 4-5 at a time but he will take steps towards you if standing next to you.  So very exciting, and pretty funny since I was just telling Brian that I was getting nervous that he still wasn’t walking but that I wasn’t going to rush anything since it’s kind of nice at the same time.  Just a little more practice and he’ll be off and running, I’m sure.  And then I’ll be wishing for the day that he was ‘only’ crawling.


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