Our house is on a quarantine of sorts.  Little Mister B has got himself some pinkeye.  No fun for him – and actually no fun for anyone!  According to the doctor it’s been going around – he was the third one in with it yesterday – and he’ll be back to normal soon, we hope.  Unfortunately it came along with a nasty head cold so he’s been crusted up all over his face.  I’m just crossing my fingers that the eye drops (which are a PAIN to put in now that he’s bigger) work their magic in a very short amount of time.  And also that we don’t have to deal with any sort of ear infections – this little guy is soon going to be too strong for me to muscle down the medicine!

UPDATE:  While I’m pretty sure I don’t have pinkeye (Brian seems to think that I do but he’s been known to be wrong about these types of things!) I have been infected with Mr. B’s cold.  Yuck!


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