And why not?

Yesterday B was walking around the coffee table – not a big deal – and I noticed that he was eating something.  Well, we didn’t have anything for him to eat so I was a little surprised… until I realized Brian had a bowl of salsa on the table that he had been snacking on with some chips.  And B was eating it by the handful!!!  We know that he likes tomatoes (no matter what the type – which is strange to me because uncooked tomatoes make me GAG) but I never thought he’d just eat salsa… PLAIN!

Along the lines of weirdness (sort of) I decided to try and make ‘healthful’ brownies yesterday in the spirit of Jessica Seinfeld.  After going to the trouble of making my vegetable purees and mixing up the brownies they weren’t too bad (considering the vegetable contents) but the texture was strange.  Brian decided that he could use them to patch his tires if that gives you any indication.  I guess it’s a start for my diet goals for the year – I can be satisfied by one (and maybe a half).  Maybe it will even turn me off of chocolate all together!

 Side note:  I wouldn’t recommend eating too many – at 3 grams of fiber a piece it may lead to some G.I. troubles…


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